This training is an evidence and inquiry-based collaboration from experts in the fields of trauma and yoga, where we will explore the latest in trauma therory as it relates to yoga. It is particularly beneficial for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, mental health providers, educators, and those working in health care/service settings .

This training will also support you in your own self-regulation and healing. Through lecture, self-inquiry, group discussion and practice teaching, some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Essential components of a trauma-informed yoga, including how it differs from “regular” yoga. 

  • Holding space in the seat of a teacher.

  • Teaching themes and class design

  • Breath awareness, anatomy, practices, and its relation to trauma-informed yoga. 

  • What trauma is and how it occurs from a body-based perspective.

  • Symptoms of trauma and applicable practices to support nervous system regulation.

  • Explore how trauma can affect physiology such as heart-rate variability, vagal tone, our fascia, and endocrine systems.

  • Exploration of types of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

  • Tools to increase heart-rate variability, vagal tone, and support nervous system regulation.

  • Considerations in offering this work to different populations.

These skills will be useful in your own journey as well as valuable in your role as a facilitator.

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