Image by Roma Kaiuk

Trauma-Informed Groups

Safety and Connection through Trauma-Informed Embodiment  

I offer Trauma-Informed Movement and Embodiment groups that incorporate practices of Somatic Experiencing, Yoga Therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Nature-Inspired Practices.

Groups are offered weekly for 6-8 weeks for 2 hours/week. Groups are run in an online live format to make participation accessible and support connection between us. Sessions are also recorded for easy access so you can still benefit should you need to miss a week.  

Each week will cover a specific theme related to embodiment and healing trauma. This will include an educational discussion related to the theme, followed by an embodiment and movement practice. The course is designed to support you in befriending your body & Self, empowering yourself through choice, and reconnecting through Body-Mind-Spirit-Earth relationships- all necessities in healing trauma.  

Please reach out to me if you are interested in participating in a group. We will take some time to connect, make sure group work is a good fit for you, and consider how this process can be most supportive for you. 

Groups are open to a limited number of participants and offered on a sliding scale for payment.