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Our 8- week trauma-informed yoga series is a specially designed program to support those who have experienced trauma and chronic stress. Our program integrates the latest in body-based trauma theory with mind-body practices to support and empower participants. Each session includes embodiment practices, an educational component to help understand why and how these practices work, and optional group discussion. Fostering resiliency is a hallmark of our program; we aim to support and uplift.

Participants are offered a safe and supportive environment to connect with themselves through their breath and body. Our classes encourage participants to systematically release tension, allow breath to flow and their minds to quiet. The stress response eases and their nervous systems are regulated. This process supports deep healing from chronic stress and trauma, as we are better able to rest and digest life. 

Measurable results of trauma-informed yoga can include reduction of blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, and fatigue. The practice is known to improve immune function, digestion, strengthen vagal tone, increase heart rate variability, uplift mood, and regulate the nervous system. 

Additional educational themes in the program include:

•          An introduction to the nervous system and how it relates to trauma and/or stress

•          What trauma is and how it occurs from a body-based perspective 

•          Breath anatomy & awareness to support self-regulation

•          Body-based practices to support regulation and healing

•          Restorative, restful states and the relaxation response

  •       Tools to promote resiliency and wellbeing. What they are and how to incorporate them into daily life. 

We recognize that trauma survivors have unique needs and we value tailoring our programs to best serve special populations. We welcome your insight if there are particular themes or considerations you would like us to take into account when offering a program to your clients..

 What Participants Will Need:

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Yoga Mat

  • While not necessary, we prefer to offer our classes where blankets, blocks and bolsters are available to make the practice more accessible to participants. 

Logistical Information for Hosting a Program:

  • We do not have a participant minimum or maximum for this program; however, we find a group size from 8-20 participants to be optimal. 

  • At minimum, each participant will need a yoga mat. We also prefer to have yoga blankets, blocks and supports available for people to sit comfortably.

  • While we encourage participants to sign up for the entire series, it is possible to “drop-in” to sessions. Our content does build from week to week, but is also accessible for drop in’s. 

  • We recommend 8-weeks for optimal benefit and change; however, it is possible to modify the length and duration of the program.