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In a restorative yoga practice, we open our awareness and access a state of potent healing. Through lecture, experiential learning, group discussion and practicum, we will learn to systematically release tension, allow our breath to flow and our minds to quiet. Our stress response eases and our nervous systems are regulated. This process supports deep healing from chronic stress and trauma, as we are able to rest and digest life. 

Measurable results of restorative yoga practices can include reduction of blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, and fatigue. These states are also known to improve immune function, digestion, strengthen vagal tone, increase heart rate variability, and regulate the nervous system. 

This training program provides the foundation to invoke the body’s natural state. You will learn:

•          Teach a variety of restorative shapes with variations

•          Effectively use props to support releasing tension

•          Breath anatomy & awareness to support regulation

•          Introduction to trauma theory as it relates to restorative yoga

•          Basic anatomy of the nervous system and trauma

•          Introduction to class sequencing, holding space as a teacher & special consideration related to trauma

•          Anatomy including fascia and endocrine systems, heart rate variability and vagal tone

This program is intended for anyone seeking to understand restorative practices and benefits on a deeper level. Many yoga teachers, mental health clinicians and individuals seeking to deepen their own practice find this course beneficial. No prerequisites are required.

Please note that this is a professional training. While some personal processing is expected, participants should come ready to learn and engage with the content. 

Training price includes comprehensive training manual. Additional mentoring session required for certification at cost of $100 paid to BodyWise at time of mentoring.

Total cost of training is determined by the hosting facility and can be found through the Bodywise Foundation schedule page.

What to bring:Bolster, 3 Yoga blankets, sticky yoga mat, 3 eye pillows, notebook, layers, snacks.

Post-CourseRequirements for Certification through BodyWise Foundation:

  • Lead 4 trauma-sensitive restorative classes (minimum three attendees per class) 

  • Complete 1 one-on-one online mentoring session with a training facilitator. Cost $100

  • Recommended Reading: Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine and/or The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk.

Mentoring sessions can be completed in person (depending on facilitator location) or via phone/online medium. Session costis$100and can be scheduled and paid for through the BWF website. Mentoring sessions must be booked within one month of completing the training unless other arrangements are made. Please teach and film one class to show you using trauma-sensitive restorative yoga for review before the time of your mentoring call. 

It is up to the mentor’s discretion to decide if a participant may need additional support to become certified through BWF and mentors may suggest or require additional growth work. Participants may also decide to complete additional mentoring. Once course completion requirements are met, participants will receive certification and are eligible to be listed on the BWF graduate directory. Following course completion, one mentoring session must be completed every three years in order to remain listed on the directory. 

*Eligible for CEUs through Yoga Alliance



With BodyWise Foundation

The 25 hr. Trauma-Sensitive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (TSRYTT) - Level 2 with BodyWise Foundation is for participants who have completed the level 1 training or have previously completed comparable restorative training. This training will offer a deeper understanding of the nervous system, trauma and the benefits of restorative yoga through lecture, experiential practices and practicum.

Participants will explore:

  • Additional shapes to include in group classes or one-on-one work

  • Touch theory in Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Assists to support students with deepening their experience in various shapes

  • Breath & Meditation practices to support relaxation, nervous system regulation and holding the space of a teacher

  • In-depth sequencing and warm-ups for restorative shapes

  • Working with special populations



Offices: Philadelphia, PA & Lambertville, NJ. Online sessions available.

April Elliot, Ed.S, C-IAYT, ERYT-500